LifestyleThey abandoned a "pure-bred" cat. The vet broke down during the examination

They abandoned a "pure-bred" cat. The vet broke down during the examination

The light came into the world in a pseudo-breeding ground.
The light came into the world in a pseudo-breeding ground.
Images source: © Facebook | huellasurbanascadiz
7:29 AM EDT, October 18, 2023

Luz was rescued by a Spanish organization helping animals in need. Since she was born, she has been struggling with many problems. The cat is exceptionally beautiful, however, it is this that has brought a great tragedy upon her.

Purebred animals are expensive and require special care. Unfortunately, many people dreaming of a pure-bred pet choose much cheaper options than those recommended and known breeders. The owners of false breeders usually count on quick enrichment and do not take into account the good and health of the puppy or kitten, as well as their mothers.

A similar fate befell the long-haired Luz. The white cat from a backyard breeding of Persians stands out with extraordinary beauty, but also with flaws that have accompanied her since birth. Human greed has caused the animal to be sentenced to immense suffering.

The new owners gave her to the shelter

The first owner, who was also the person responsible for running the pseudo-breeding, disregarded the fact that too close interbreeding between animals can contribute to faulty crossings. Due to genetic problems, Luz was born with developmental defects. The cat would not bring profits, so it was not treated like other representatives of the pseudo-race.

The several-month-old kitten ended up with the first prospective caretaker who wanted a cat. Unfortunately, Luz didn't even get a chance to settle in, as the new owner quickly gave up on caring for a cat with problems.

The light came into the world in a puppy mill.
The light came into the world in a puppy mill.© Facebook | huellasurbanascadiz

She got a chance for a new life

A fluffy white kitten has ended up at an organization that takes care of sick and abandoned animals. The quadruped was diagnosed with several life-threatening ailments, so Luz needed immediate surgery. The pussycat suffered from a split spine, had a malformed rear body, and also had a problem with a prolapsed anus. 

After a long convalescence, Luz can finally enjoy the chance for a better life. Thanks to the veterinarians and activists, she has the opportunity to recover, but unfortunately, her troubles aren't over. Due to developmental defects that she was born with, the kitten needs special care.

The light came into the world in a fake breeding.
The light came into the world in a fake breeding.© Facebook | huellasurbanascadiz

Until the end of its life, the exceptionally beautiful cat with a beautiful coat will struggle with health problems, and this causes there not to be too many volunteers to give it a new home. The cat has to have her belly massaged three times a day (Eastern Time), otherwise its body will not be able to eliminate feces and urine.

Therefore, anyone who decides to take care of a "Persian" cat should be aware of the immense responsibility. Luz needs a human more than other cats, and this makes it exceptionally difficult to find her a new guardian.

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