LifestyleThe worst kind of underwear. Gynecologist doesn't want to see them

The worst kind of underwear. Gynecologist doesn't want to see them

Gynecologist advises women / illustrative picture
Gynecologist advises women / illustrative picture
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1:44 PM EDT, October 13, 2023

Maintaining healthy sexual organs is not at all easy. Gynecologist Sachin Maiti warns about certain factors that can affect the deterioration of intimate health. He cautions patients, among other things, against wearing certain kinds of underwear.

Though medical specialists often underscore how important it is to take care of intimate health, there are still people who don't pay particular attention to it. This pertains to both women and men who don't take care of keeping their sex organs clean, which is an exceptionally important matter. It affects the general health of a person, prevents irritation, and serious infections: fungal infections or bacterial vaginosis.

How to take care of intimate hygiene?

According to gynecologist Sachin Maiti, the keys to maintaining proper intimate hygiene include adhering to a healthy lifestyle and using appropriate hygienic practices. These are related to the proper washing of external genital organs, for which mild liquids and warm water should be used.

However, that's not all. For the best genital health, the gynecologist recommends drinking a minimum of half a gallon of water throughout the day, and also incorporating a balanced diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grain products into your lifestyle.

The same goes for using condoms during every sexual encounter. Why? It protects against dangerous infections that are transmitted sexually.

Both women and men should also pay attention to the overall amount of stress.

- High levels of stress can affect hormonal balance and weaken the immune system, potentially leading to vaginal problems in women. Practicing stress reduction techniques, such as mindfulness, yoga or meditation, can help the vagina because it is associated with a calmer mind - Maiti said in an interview with Daily Star.

What kind of underwear is best to wear?

Few people realize how important it is to choose their underwear. This is one of the most crucial factors affecting proper intimate health. As the expert explains, it should be made of cotton and loose - never synthetic, tight, and chafing.

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