LifestyleThe worst floor to live on. Many have regretted it already

The worst floor to live on. Many have regretted it already

Choosing an apartment is one of the most important decisions in life.
Choosing an apartment is one of the most important decisions in life.
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9:55 AM EDT, October 13, 2023

Choosing an apartment is one of the most important decisions in life. If you're deciding to buy, check which floors are the best and worst to live on. Although few think about it, this fact really affects many things.

The size, location, and whether the building is new or old. These issues have a tremendous impact on which apartment we should choose. But that's not all. Although few people focus on choosing the best floor, some of them have more disadvantages than advantages. Check it out before you decide to buy.

Do not choose this floor to live on

Ground floor, middle, or perhaps the top floor? As we know, each of us has our preferences, but there are general "pros" and "cons" for which floors are worth choosing and which are better to avoid.

The ground floor is risky - regardless of whether it's new or old construction, meaning a building completed before the year 2000. The ground floor, though it most often has access to the garden, and apartments there are usually cheaper, is a place where you will encounter the most frequent neighbor visits, as well as problems with insects.

In older buildings, it will also be cold there, so in the fall and winter you might overpay for heating. In times of inflation, this is a significant problem.

It's no different with the top floor - especially if the building is older. First of all, not every block has an elevator. Secondly, the top floors can be especially bothersome in regard to temperature fluctuations. In the winter, it will be cold, and in the summer, it can be extremely hot.

These floors are considered the most optimal

The "contest" for the best floors to live in is won by the middle floors, i.e., all those between the partner and the last floor. Why? The temperature in the apartments in the middle of the building is the most balanced. The middle floors are safer than the ground floor and additionally - in their case, you can do without an elevator. The higher you go, the less traffic there will be on the stairway.

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