LifestyleThe world's "skinniest" hotel. Amazing pictures

The world's "skinniest" hotel. Amazing pictures

Hotel Pitu Rooms surprises with its appearance and delights with its location.
Hotel Pitu Rooms surprises with its appearance and delights with its location.
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3:43 PM EST, November 16, 2023

Recently, a photo of a remarkably narrow building in Indonesia has gained global attention. However, the creators did not aim for a record but sought to bring the spotlight to the town where the construction stands.

This fascinating building is named PituRooms and is situated in the town of Salatiga, in the Central Java province of Indonesia.

PituRooms: The Narrowest Hotel in the World

In Javanese, "Pitu" refers to the number seven, highlighting the seven rooms available in this unique hotel. The edifice which houses it is scarcely 9.2 feet wide.

The land on which it was built was unwanted and long served as a minor dump. However, Ary Indra, the originator and owner of PituRooms, saw potential in the disregarded plot and decided to invest, demonstrating how to forge potential out of limitations.

After growing up in Salatiga and subsequently studying architecture to build a career in Jakarta and Singapore, among others, Indra felt a pull towards his roots, which prompted him to apply the skills acquired abroad in his hometown.

Stumbling upon a piece of land that none wished to invest in, he conceived a unique five-story building, now inhabited by PituRooms. Each room features a double bed and a modest bathroom with a shower and a toilet, distinctive in décor with local artwork adorning the walls.

"I wish to offer people a fresh perspective on Salatiga," shares Indra in a conversation with CNN. "As the owner, I managed the design and operate PituRooms with my own team. We aim to pioneer a form of tourism that engages local communities. Salatiga remains largely undiscovered by foreigners who typically prefer holidaying in Bali," he acknowledges.

Indra envisions PituRooms as the pioneer among several projects fostering an interest in Salatiga by outsiders.

"In the hospitality industry, we commonly deal with superlatives—biggest, tallest, most luxurious. But we identify as the thinnest," confides Indra in a conversation with Dezeen. We strived to convert this limitation into our most significant strength.

Nestled at the foot of Mount Merbabu, the scenic view from the hotel rooms includes this picturesque mountain. On the rooftop stands a restaurant for tourists, alongside plans by PituRooms to host diverse events and art exhibits.

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