LifestyleThe world's most expensive trip? The price might take you aback

The world's most expensive trip? The price might take you aback

The Seychelles is one of the most heavenly places on Earth.
The Seychelles is one of the most heavenly places on Earth.
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11:23 AM EST, November 17, 2023

The "Ultimate Safari" expedition by Go2Africa is being touted as one of the most pricey tours available today. The cost alone is enough to make your head spin.

"A journey that transcends traditional travel, enveloping you in an environment where raw nature seamlessly mingles with luxury and convenience" - this is how the tour organizers depict this unique odyssey through Africa.

The priciest expedition to Africa

Traveling to Africa has always been a dreamy aspiration for many. However, very few can truly afford such a journey. The tour, planned by Go2Africa, spans 24 days and sets you back by about 163.49 thousand euros per person (equivalent to around $181,245). This listed price applies to departures scheduled for the autumn of 2024. Nevertheless, from July till September end, this price hike soars to 170.7 thousand euros (approximately $189,200) per person.

Your adventure sets off in Kenya, which the planners identify as the "nexus of African wilderness." After that, the itinerary encompasses visits to Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, South Africa, and the Seychelles. Interestingly, the price tag does not factor in the transportation costs to Kenya or the return flight to one's home country.

Distinctive journey

Lodging will be facilitated in conventional hotels, high-end properties, a tented camp, and a private island. Tourists will be shuttled in private charter planes or helicopters for internal transit between countries. Knowledgeable and seasoned guides will be ready to attend to the travelers in every location.

Apart from this, a film crew will escort the tourists for the whole journey. Upon completion of their trip, participants will get to take away a customized documentary movie about their African expedition, serving as a captivating souvenir.

Throughout the expedition, tourists will bear witness to some truly breathtaking vistas. They will explore the most favored attractions in each country. Attractions like Victoria Falls, Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, hot air ballooning, Masai Mara and Grumeti reserves, and Cape Town Coast, among others, genuinely enrich the journey. Furthermore, gourmet delights will be served to the travelers at each destination.

The price of the tour makes your head spin.
The price of the tour makes your head spin.© Go2Africa

But, is this trip attainable for everyone? Probably not for an average individual, owing to its exorbitant pricing. Although, according to the organizers, there's no dearth of interested people.

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