News"The world needs to hear about this": The remarkable mission of Arnold Schwarzenegger, aka "the Terminator"

"The world needs to hear about this": The remarkable mission of Arnold Schwarzenegger, aka "the Terminator"

Arnold Schwarzenegger met with the families of hostages kidnapped by Hamas.
Arnold Schwarzenegger met with the families of hostages kidnapped by Hamas.
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2:56 PM EST, December 3, 2023

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently revealed that he had met with the families of hostages held by Hamas terrorists, as well as people who survived the October 7th massacre. The renowned actor confessed that their stories are shocking and that the world should be more aware of their situations. "I am a staunch friend of the Jewish people and Israel," stated Schwarzenegger.

Although Arnold Schwarzenegger has long championed Israel's cause, his involvement up until now primarily revolved around events commemorating Holocaust victims. Following the October 7th Hamas terrorist attack on innocent people near the Israel-Gaza Strip border, Schwarzenegger instantly expressed his support for the victims' family and friends. A sentiment that was reiterated when he met them on Friday.

On that particular Friday, the famous actor, later a governor of California and politician, welcomed the families of three individuals currently held captive by Hamas in Israel. Schwarzenegger attentively listened to their touching narratives, affirming both his support and intent to publicize these heartbreaking stories. He firmly believes that the rest of the world needs to hear about them.

Schwarzenegger also received a dog tag gift inscribed with the words "Bring Them Home".

Known for his iconic roles in "Terminator", "Conan the Barbarian" and "The Expendables", Schwarzenegger has for years been involved in various political activities and aid programs. Israelis label him a "true friend of the nation", a sentiment that resonates with the actor, who is deeply moved by the ongoing situation in Israel and Palestine.

He also urged everyone not to forget about those who are still being held captive and awaiting release.

"At this point, my role becomes important. I have a unique opportunity to communicate with the public," Arnold Schwarzenegger explained.

Reports reveal that among those Schwarzenegger met included individuals like Bar Rudaeff, whose father, Lior Rudaeff was abducted in kibbutz Nir Yitzhak. He also met 36-year-old Jacob Bohbot, whose sister, Elkana, was kidnapped by terrorists during the Nova music festival, a setting Hamas utilized for a brutal massacre.

The meeting was hosted by the Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem, an organization Schwarzenegger has collaborated with for several years.

Support from the Hollywood actor is crucial for Israelis, who are striving to demonstrate that pacifying the Gaza Strip is essential to eliminate Hamas militants and resolve the conflict permanently. While expressing his support for the Israeli cause, Schwarzenegger has not overlooked the Palestinians, recently criticizing the destructive IDF raids on the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, terrorists continue to hold approximately 120 Israelis captive, vowing not to release them until the fighting ceases. Israel has resumed efforts to pacify the Gaza Strip following a week of relative calm, only for the conflict to reignite violently following a recent attack in Jerusalem that resulted in three deaths.

Hamas has shamelessly admitted responsibility for the heinous act.

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