NewsThe women treated the Russians with some moonshine. Within half an hour, eleven of them were dead

The women treated the Russians with some moonshine. Within half an hour, eleven of them were dead

Eleven Russian soldiers died after consuming poisoned moonshine.
Eleven Russian soldiers died after consuming poisoned moonshine.
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7:04 AM EDT, October 7, 2023

Two women from Melitopol treated Russian soldiers occupying the city with homemade moonshine. It was so "exquisite" that eleven occupiers died right after consuming the liquor. Other Russians were reminded that they are not welcome in the area.

In occupied Melitopol, two elderly ladies served Russian soldiers with homemade moonshine. According to another version, the Russians bought the alcohol. Regardless of whether it was a gift or a purchase, the effect was stunning. About half an hour after the feast, eleven soldiers died.

Initially, it was assumed that the moonshine was improperly prepared and that the Russians were poisoned, as often happens in such cases, by the deadly dangerous methanol. It quickly turned out that this was not a mistake, but a deliberate murder. The alcohol had been poisoned.

The Russian Federation army has therefore initiated an investigation to find and punish those responsible. However, the women seem to have disappeared. The resistance movement in the city, which has been occupied for over a year, is very strong, and a seemingly kindly old woman can prove to be very dangerous at any moment.

Before the war, Melitopol had a population of 154,000. The city, located in the southeastern part of Ukraine in the Zaporizhzhia region, was occupied by the Russians on March 1, 2022 Eastern Time. Since then, it has been waiting for liberation, but that does not mean that the inhabitants are idle. From the beginning of the war, there has been a partisan movement in and around the city.

In Melitopol, terrible terror has been reigning for over a year. It's quiet, you can't see it on the streets - reported CNN. Anyone who has rejected a Russian passport may become a victim of repression. They can't access the hospital, can't function normally. The "incredible" occupant also takes away the land. Arrests and torture, unfortunately, are common practices.

Partisans are engaged in attacking Russian logistics and eliminating collaborators and Russian officers. They actively cooperate with Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR) and are ready for sabotage activities in case the front arrives.

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