TechThe video reveals Russian military blunders: Failed attack near Novomykhailivka exposes serious inadequacies

The video reveals Russian military blunders: Failed attack near Novomykhailivka exposes serious inadequacies

Collision of Russian T-72 tanks
Collision of Russian T-72 tanks
Images source: © X, @Osinttechnical
4:17 AM EST, February 5, 2024

Whilst experts have predicted that the upcoming weeks will bear witness to a standing war, sporadic attempts at aggression continue to ensue. In this situation, the Russians experienced defeat and a substantial tactical error. This video captures two tanks, identified as T-72s, from a large convoy of armoured vehicles colliding. T-72s constitute a significant percentage of the armoured cars employed by the Russians.

It's important to acknowledge the fact that this event occurred in a safe zone, away from Ukrainian gunfire. Even by Russian blogger's admissions, this is a grave blunder reflecting severe inadequacies within Putin's forces.

Collision of Russian T-72s

"A combination of utter stupidity and incompetence," wrote a quoted Russian blogger in a Forbes editorial, highlighting the declining standards of Russian military training, which are currently at an all-time low. As losses from the war increase, Russia is resorting to recruiting new troops, often under-equipped in essential skills.

The recorded lack of situational awareness among the tank drivers presumably led to the collision, immobilizing one vehicle. Eventually, in an attempted offence near Novomykhailivka, the invaders lost practically the entire convoy, numbering at least three tanks, seven armoured MT-LB personnel carriers, and an Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV).

Noteable characteristics of the T-72

The T-72, one of the first versions, has been in production since 1973. The tank has a 1,047-horsepower engine, enabling it to reach top speeds of approximately 37 MPH on paved surfaces and about 25 MPH off-road.

The post-Soviet era design features an imposing 125mm 2A46M gun as its primary armament. This gun is designed to utilize three types of ammunition: anti-tank, fragmentation, and a high-explosive anti-tank warhead. The designers incorporated additional weaponry, including two 7.62 mm machine guns and a large-calibre DShK or NSW machine gun of 12.7 mm. Some T-72s may also have a smoke grenade launcher.

Once praised as innovative designs, the T-72 tanks were continually upgraded over the years, leading to numerous improvements. The T-72s are considered predecessors to the T-90M, the current top-tier Russian tank.

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