LifestyleThe unique airport that disappears twice daily

The unique airport that disappears twice daily

Barra Airport is located in Scotland.
Barra Airport is located in Scotland.
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11:06 AM EST, December 8, 2023

Nicky Kelvin, author of the 'Airplane Mode' series, recently visited Barra Airport, located on one of the Outer Hebrides islands. This airport stands out from the rest — its runway submerges underwater twice a day.

Barra Airport resides in the Outer Hebrides, about 40 miles away from the western coasts of Scotland. Its runway doubles as a public beach that vanishes underwater twice daily due to tidal changes.

Barra Airport: One and only of its kind

It's the only commercial airport in the world with a beach for a runway, presenting a dramatic scene. Flight schedules require careful planning to ensure there's adequate space on the beach for planes to land and take off, explains the author of the report.

The video crafted by Kelvin commences at Glasgow Airport, the location where Loganair operates two daily flights to and from Barra Airport. Here, he converses with two pilots who share their experiences of flying to this unique airport.

Captain Laura Ropen clarifies that there are no lights or guidelines for landing. She emphasizes, "Everything lies in the pilot's judgment. However, the sand acts as a cushion during landing," during her interview with Kelvin.

Landing at Barra Airport offers stunning views

Kelvin traveled to Barra Airport on a Twin Otter aircraft, managing a successful landing and takeoff.

The entire concept is thrilling, supplemented by the spectacular landing experience. You soar low over Scotland's most stunning islands, with views of the azure sea and a white strip. You could easily mistake them for the Caribbean, the author of the video admits.

I landed on a BEACH! Exclusive behind the scenes at Barra Airport

The host of the 'Airplane Mode' series also notes the versatility of the airport's staff. In this unique airport, the same individual often performs multiple roles — they may check in travelers, serve as a firefighter, and even work as an air traffic controller.

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