EntertainmentThe third season of the wildly successful series is set to thrill viewers more than ever

The third season of the wildly successful series is set to thrill viewers more than ever

Murray Bartlett with an Emmy Award for his role in "The White Lotus"
Murray Bartlett with an Emmy Award for his role in "The White Lotus"
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4:24 AM EST, November 9, 2023

The anthology series "White Lotus", one of HBO's most acclaimed recent productions, has garnered a large fan base over its first two seasons. The series has won critical acclaim and work is currently in progress for the much-anticipated third season, which is rumored to be even more captivating than its precursors. Is such a feat even possible?

"White Lotus" made its grand debut on HBO in 2021 and was so exceptionally received by audiences that its sequel premiered just a year later. The series faced initial hiccups due to a screenwriters' strike in Hollywood, which stalled new projects. Fortunately, the dispute has been resolved now and the series creator, Mike White, has resumed work on the third season. So, what do we know about it?

The anticipated third season of "White Lotus": Here's what we know

In the first season, we were transported to the paradise of Hawaii and then to the beautiful landscapes of Sicily in the second. The third season promises to whisk us away to exotic Thailand. True to the nature of an anthology, in the upcoming season, we will be introduced to new characters, along with the possibility of revisiting characters beloved from previous seasons.

In the second season, we followed the life of the expressive, neurotic Tanya McQuoid (portrayed by the talented Jennifer Coolidge) who is particularly cherished by fans, and her husband, Greg (Jon Gries). The upcoming season is set to feature the masseuse Belinda Lindsey (Natasha Rothwell), who had a significant role in the first season. There's also a possibility of Connie Britton reprising her role as Nicole Mossbacher, as discussions are currently in progress for her participation in the project, as per "Deadline".

"White Lotus": Next level excitement

In an interview with "Entertainment Weekly", series screenwriter, Mike White, known from "School of Rock" with Joe Black, revealed that he has something truly special in store for the fans in the third season, even suggesting it could surpass previous seasons.

The White Lotus Season 2 | Official Trailer | HBO

"This will be 'White Lotus' on steroids: longer, bigger, wilder," said White in an interview. "I don't know how viewers will perceive it, but I am pumped, so at least by my personal gauge, it's good... I am super excited about what you'll witness in the third season", he added with enthusiasm.

As reported by Deadline, the writer dropped a hint about the focus of the third season, saying it would explore themes of Eastern religion and spirituality. Francesca Orsi, HBO's Drama Production Director, hinted at a philosophical underpinning, saying it would delve into the tension between the soul and the ego.

Unfortunately, viewers will have to wait longer than anticipated for the third season. A few days ago, HBO announced that due to overlapping production schedules during the screenwriters' strike, the series premiere has been deferred to 2025. The first two seasons of "White Lotus" are currently available on the HBO Max platform.

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