EntertainmentThe third season of 'The Bear' divides fans: Masterpiece or misstep?

The third season of 'The Bear' divides fans: Masterpiece or misstep?

"The Bear" returns to stress viewers for the third time
"The Bear" returns to stress viewers for the third time
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4:59 PM EDT, June 27, 2024

The series "The Bear" has won the hearts of internet users worldwide. Recently, it has scooped almost all the major awards. Some call the third season "a masterpiece," while others think it's pointless.

"The Bear" stormed onto the scene in 2022 and caused an absolute sensation online. Suddenly, everyone started talking about the highly stressful and captivating series about a family restaurant, which, after the suicide of its owner, is taken over by Carmy—the ambitious but nervous brother of the deceased, who has worked in the world's best restaurants. He aims to turn a small fast-food joint into a thriving gastronomic place, but at what cost? Anyone who has lost their nerve watching "The Bear" knows. Disney+ (and Hulu) are serving them the third season.

Third season of "The Bear"

The third installment of Carmy's and the crew's adventures premiered worldwide on June 27th. On the day of the global premiere, the internet was flooded with reviews of the new installment. It got hot, like in the Berzatto family kitchen. While some think it's a masterpiece that's hard to put into words, there are plenty of comments that "The Bear" is losing its strength.

"'The Bear' is a top television product. Let's not forget, it's one of the best shows ever made, and season three continues the great work done in season two," writes a reviewer for "Screen Rant." "It's stressful, joyful, challenging, and revelatory in ways that a show about a restaurant selling beef sandwiches shouldn't dare to be (...). The Bear season 3 feels like a confident evolution of an already excellent show: it is complex, chaotic, and uplifting in equal measure," he adds.

He points out that the first episode may surprise everyone. "The opening episode is an artistic triumph, bravely challenging the format of the previous 18 episodes and refusing to comfort the hungry audience with more of what worked." Moreover, a reviewer for "The Hollywood Reporter" writes about a surprising finale that seems impossibly "joyful" and at the same time impossibly pathetic," comparing it to an avalanche of emotions never seen before.

Ayo Edebiri and Jeremy Allen White in "The Bear"
Ayo Edebiri and Jeremy Allen White in "The Bear"© Press materials

The new "The Bear" will touch upon Carmy's past, where he was mentally tormented by his boss from the previous restaurant. The main character of the series is set to repeat the same harmful patterns on his subordinates. A wild ride is in store for viewers, but surely also a shower of nominations and awards.

The Disney+ series has won so many awards that it's hard to list them all. Among the most recent—in 2024, "The Bear" won three Golden Globes for Best Television Series—Musical or Comedy, Best Actress in a Television Series—Musical or Comedy (Ayo Edebiri), and Best Actor in that genre (Jeremy Allen White).

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