LifestyleThe sweet pursuit: Unveiling the secrets behind the world's most expensive honey

The sweet pursuit: Unveiling the secrets behind the world's most expensive honey

Elven honey is the most expensive honey in the world.
Elven honey is the most expensive honey in the world.
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9:38 AM EST, November 10, 2023

Elf honey is renowned as the world's most expensive and purest form of honey. It can fetch up to $5,350 per 2,2 lb. This article explores why it is so costly, how it is collected, and what health properties it possesses.

Exceptionally rare and elusive, elf honey is produced by bees inhabiting a cave in the Sarıçayır valley of Turkey. Given this cave plunges to a depth of 5905 feet, beekeepers require specialized equipment, in-depth knowledge, and experience to extract honey from such an intricate abode. Further enriching its rarity, this honey is only collected once a year. Interestingly, the discovery of elf honey is relatively recent.

Uncovering the reasons behind the exorbitant cost of elf honey

In 2009, Turkish beekeeper Günay Gündüz observed bees emerging from the cave. With the assistance of climbers, he managed to retrieve 40 lb of honeycombs from the depth of the cave. The beekeeper subsequently dispatched samples to a laboratory in France, where the honey was found to be 7 years old and mineral-rich. Remarkably, the first kilogram (2,2 lb) was sold at a French exchange for 45,000 euros ($48,100), and the following year, a Chinese pharmacist acquired another 2,2 lb for 28,000 euros ($30,000).

Beyond its unique method of extraction, elf honey's composition also stands out. As it's made by bees dwelling within a cave, it not only contains nutrients from the nectar of local, endemic and medicinal plants but also minerals sourced from the cave walls.

Elven honey is liquid gold.
Elven honey is liquid gold.© Pixabay

The taste profile of elf honey and its health benefits

The palate of elf honey presents a sweet-bitter combination, embellished with a vibrant blend of floral, fruity, and herbal undertones. It carries an intense, forest and vanilla-like aroma that is appealing rather than unpleasant. Visually, elf honey boasts a golden shade with hints of pink, purple, and green.

Besides its captivating taste, elf honey is laden with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other health-enhancing substances. It exhibits anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-allergic properties. Whether it's treating wounds, burns, infections, skin ailments, respiratory issues, digestive, nervous, or circulatory system concerns, elf honey provides relief. Beyond physical health, this prized honey also boosts mood, concentration, memory, creativity, and sleep quality.

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