LifestyleThe red nails theory: A magnetic attraction or just folklore?

The red nails theory: A magnetic attraction or just folklore?

The Instagrammer talked about the "red nail theory"
The Instagrammer talked about the "red nail theory"
Images source: © Instagram | navyapassi

8:54 PM EST, December 5, 2023

Unusual theories centered around relationships and human connections often take the internet by storm. One such theory gaining attention is the "red nails theory." This theory suggests that a woman wearing red nail polish becomes more attractive to men. An Instagram user sheds more light on the rationale behind this idea.

The "red nails theory" posits that a woman becomes more appealing to men if she sports red nails. But why is this? Instagram user Navya Passi unravels the intriguing reason why this particular nail color seemingly bewitches men.

Dissecting the "red nails theory"

In an engaging post that has garnered over 155,000 likes, the internet user proposes that the allure of red nails owes to their reminiscent power. Red nails, she suggests, evoke men's memories of their mothers' and grandmothers' manicure choices. - "Men appreciate red nails. They probably remember seeing their mothers, teachers, and other female role models wearing red nails or lipstick. What I considered a rather old-fashioned color, seems to strike a chord with them," the Instagram user similarly accepts.

- "And now whenever they see red nails on me, they either express their admiration or simply notice it as something enticing to them. It does seem strange when you ponder it," she added.

Scattered opinions: A range of reactions

The Instagram user acknowledges the deluge of positive remarks and praises she garners from men concerning her red manicure. - "I find them attractive, and they make me feel incredibly powerful. From now on, I'm only sporting red nails," she affirmed.

Though it startled many internet users, a majority concurred with the Instagram celebrity's stance. "It's true! On a date, a guy mentioned that red nails are attractive. I only garner compliments on my nails when they're red," disclosed one user. "Flaunt your strength through your nails," suggested another.

Yet, not everybody took to this specific theory. "If this is the case, you'll never see me in red nails", countered a commenter. Some even jokingly linked this "red nails theory" to Freud’s theory of attraction – pointing out an eerie similarity with Freud's concept that individuals are drawn to people who resemble their parents.

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