TechThe proclaimed best Russian tank already demands improvement

The proclaimed best Russian tank already demands improvement

T-90M Breakthrough Tank
T-90M Breakthrough Tank
Images source: © Lic. CC BY 4.0, Wikimedia Commons | KONSTANTIN MOROZOV

5:07 PM EDT, November 3, 2023

The Russian Federation army's foremost modern tank has already undergone modernization, reports the DefenseRomania portal. The T-90M Proryv, as it is named, has been reinforced in crucial areas as a response to threats from Western arms on the Ukraine front.

Every casualty of the T-90M Proryv is a significant blow for the Russians. This is because it currently represents the army's most advanced construction, posing a considerable threat to Western weapons utilized by the defending troops. However, reports from Ukraine consistently document further demolitions of these fresh Russian machines.

In light of this, Uralvagonzavod, the premier corporation in the Russian military industry, resolved to strengthen the T-90M and enhance the crew's safety during combat. The DefenseRomania portal circulates images demonstrating the components of the modernization. The primary enhancements focus on the track section, which is now shielded by supplementary armor blocks, safeguarding the tank's side.

New protection systems are also prominently mounted on the turret and at the rear of the vehicle. This initial component is key, as even with the newest technologies in the T-90M, the tank is not exempt from a problem common to older machines— an ammunition store located underneath the tower that would explode upon impact, catapulting the tower into the sky. Therefore, every measure that boosts the resistance of this part of the vehicle is critical for crew safety.

T-90M, Russia's powerhouse tank

The T-90M tanks commissioned in 2021 represent the most recent upgrade of the base third-generation T-90 tank. Notably, among all the modifications made by the Russians to older models, the adoption of advanced optoelectronics (Sosna-U) stands out.

The T-90M tank after modernization.
The T-90M tank after modernization.©

The manufacturers have also ensured that the tank is defended with reactive Relikt armor, designed to repulse attacks from weapons outfitted with a tandem-shaped charge. Installed in the T-90M is the smoothbore 2A46M-5 cannon, with a 125 mm caliber, adapted for the latest type of APFSDS ammunition. It is accompanied by a machine gun of 7.62 mm caliber and an anti-aircraft gun of 12.7 mm caliber.

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