NewsThe Prime Minister of Israel is threatening. He talks about corpses

The Prime Minister of Israel is threatening. He talks about corpses

The Prime Minister of Israel is threatening. He talks about corpses
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4:50 PM EDT, October 12, 2023

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday evening in a televised speech that his country "has gone on the offensive". In strong words he added that "every member of Hamas is a corpse".

The Prime Minister of Israel gave a speech among the members of the extraordinary national unity government and the war cabinet called into session on Wednesday. Its members include, among others, the former Chief of the General Staff and one of the opposition leaders, Beni Gantz, and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.

Netanyahu emphasized that Israel will "crush and destroy" Hamas in response to the attack on his country that began on Saturday.

Gallant in turn, swore that Israel "will wipe the Palestinian militants off the face of the earth." - "What happened hasn't occurred to the Jewish people since 1945," he added.

- There is a time for peace and a time for war. Now is the time for war - Ganc emphasized. Addressing the citizens of the country, he said he "understands their fear and pain". He also assured that they would triumph because "Israel has the strongest army in the region".

Hamas Attack. Israel defends itself

On October 7 in the early morning hours Eastern Time, Israel was unexpectedly attacked from the Gaza Strip by the Palestinian Hamas. The strike resulted in the highest number of Israeli fatalities since 1973, when the Jewish state fought a war with the Syrian-Egyptian coalition.

During the conflict that has been ongoing for six days, approximately 1.2 thousand Israeli citizens and over 1 thousand residents of the Gaza Strip have already lost their lives.

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