NewsThe policewoman turned the fans' heads. They're asking her for it

The policewoman turned the fans' heads. They're asking her for it

In the photo: Alexa Narvaez
In the photo: Alexa Narvaez
Images source: © photo. Instagram

9:27 AM EDT, October 3, 2023, updated: 9:00 AM EDT, October 5, 2023

Fans of the Colombian club America Cali attend matches not only because of their team's competition. The unconventional policewoman Alexa Navarez, who is known around the world, also draws the interest of the fans.

In the Colombian league, a certain non-standard policewoman appears at the matches of the team America Cali. She attracts the attention of the fans, who are very familiar with Alexa Navarez.

The Colombian woman often watches the matches of the aforementioned team from the perspective of the field. She can be seen near the advertising banners, where she stays with her colleagues from work.

Navarez is known not only in her own country, but also around the world. The reason? The policewoman is also an influencer who takes care of her social media. She can be found both on Instagram and on Tiktok.

On the first of the mentioned platforms, they have 1.8 million followers. Things are even better on the second one, as it is followed by as many as 2.2 million people there.

The Colombian regularly posts footage from the team's local stadium on both platforms. One can notice that she is practically always dressed in tight clothing, which perfectly highlights her figure.

She often decides to abandon the police uniform in favor of outfits that attract the attention of observers. She also had a photoshoot in the football jersey of the Colombian team, as befits a fan.

Fans don't hide the fact that they love it when Navarez appears at matches. This is confirmed by the comments that appear under her photos and videos.

"Every time I go to the stadium, I can't wait to see her", "Arrest me", "I think I should be stopped", "The best on earth" - this is how the fans of Colombian America Cali express themselves about their fellow countrywoman.

Recently, a policewoman has been making headlines due to her joy after America Cali's footballer scored a penalty kick. The footage has been viewed by over 185 thousand people.

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