NewsThe photo of Putin caught attention. "Special ink?"

The photo of Putin caught attention. "Special ink?"

A picture of Putin caught attention. "Special ink?"
A picture of Putin caught attention. "Special ink?"
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6:29 AM EDT, October 21, 2023

On Saturday, Vladimir Putin visited the command of the Russian troops in Rostov-on-Don, where he met with the chief of the general staff, General Valery Gerasimov. Attention is drawn to one detail in the photo published on this occasion.

As reported by Russian state television, Putin visited Rostov "to hear a report on the progress of operations in Ukraine"

In the propaganda message, it was assured that General Gierasimow conveyed that Russian soldiers on the front in Ukraine are "carrying out their tasks according to the operation plan".

In social media, an unusual detail of the photo taken during a meeting was pointed out by the representative of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Anton Heraszczenko. It shows Putin and Gerasimov sitting opposite each other with several large-format pages laid out on the table in front of them.

Is Putin analyzing blank pages? Unusual photo from the meeting

The sheet that the dictator and the general are holding is white - there are no inscriptions or graphics on them. "Putin and Gerasimov are using very strange maps - nothing can be seen on them. Special lenses? Special ink?" - Heraszczenko ironically commented on Twitter.

Many of the details being reported by Russian media and government officials are likely not true. These reports could be part of an information war by the Russian Federation.

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