NewsThe Philippines are heading for a confrontation with China

The Philippines are heading for a confrontation with China

The Philippines are heading for a confrontation with China
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12:46 PM EDT, September 27, 2023, updated: 9:19 AM EDT, October 5, 2023

The Philippines conducted a "special operation" aimed at removing the floating barrier installed by China. The disputed area, to which Beijing claims rights, was cordoned off with its help. Manila justifies its decision by "adhering to international law".

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has made the decision to remove the artificial barrier that China had installed in the South China Sea in order to seize disputed territories. The task was carried out by the Philippine Coast Guard.

The barrier was a threat

The spokesperson for the Philippine Coast Guard, Jay Tarriela, reported on his Twitter about conducting a "special operation", organized by the order of the President of the Philippines. The reason for the action was a threat to navigation, hindrance to the work of fishermen, and non-compliance with international regulations.

"The barrier posed a threat to navigation, a clear violation of international law. It also hinders fishing and the activities of Filipino fishermen" - wrote Tarriela on Twitter.

Materials from the action have been shared

On social media, recordings of the action of destroying the floating barrier were shared. The video shows a diver cutting the rope connecting the buoys with a knife. A photo was also shared showing how another person removes an anchor belonging to the Chinese object.

As reported by Al Jazeera, quoting national security advisor Marcos, Eduardo Ano, the entire length of the barrier is estimated to be 300 m. The Philippines, however, intends to do everything necessary to remove it in its entirety.

China defends the barrier

Not long ago, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin defended the floating barrier, claiming it was needed to repel a Filipino ship. Its installation was in accordance with the law - claims Beijing.

According to Beijing, 90 percent of the South China Sea belongs to China, including the area that falls within the exclusive economic zones of Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

However, according to international maritime law and the ruling of the International Arbitration Tribunal in The Hague, the Scarborough Shoal belongs to the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines.

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