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The only place like that in the world. It looks unreal

Popcorn Beach is one of the most popular attractions in Fuerteventura.
Popcorn Beach is one of the most popular attractions in Fuerteventura.
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3:52 PM EDT, October 25, 2023

Tourists love unusual and surprising attractions. One such attraction is definitely a visit to Popcorn Beach, which is famous for its unique appearance. Instead of sand, there is "popcorn" on the beach.

The famous Popcorn Beaches are located on Fuerteventura, part of the Canary Islands archipelago. These places have become very popular among tourists and appear in numerous posts on social media. For many, it's a must-see landmark on Fuerteventura.

How was Popcorn Beach created?

The unique appearance of the beach is due to white coral in irregular shapes thrown out of the water, which strikingly resembles popcorn. However, before it takes on its characteristic shape, a significant amount of time must pass. The coral grows at a rate of approximately 0.04 inches per year.

Geologists estimate that some of the specimens that can be found on Popcorn Beach are even over 4 thousand years old. Characteristically shaped corals can be found in several places on the island. The most famous include Playa del Mejillòn, Caleta del Barco, Playa el Hierro, and Bajo de la Burra.

Unfortunately, from year to year, there is less and less valuable coral found on Spanish beaches, and this is not due to changes occurring in the natural world.

Tourists are massively stealing corals

When Fuerteventura gained popularity, corals began to disappear in bulk from the beach. Tourists were carrying away up to 22 lbs a month. With such a slow process of their formation, the famous beach could very quickly thin out significantly, and in the worst case disappear.

Despite this, the authorities of Fuerteventura have not restricted tourists from accessing Popcorn Beach. However, they constantly appeal to common sense and respect for this unique phenomenon. Greedy tourists are definitely not welcome there.

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