AutosThe mysterious reappearance of armored vehicles on the Ukrainian front sparks questions

The mysterious reappearance of armored vehicles on the Ukrainian front sparks questions

Ural-4320 and its modification - Czekan
Ural-4320 and its modification - Czekan
Images source: © Press materials | Vitaly V. Kuzmin, Wikimedia
11:39 AM EST, January 28, 2024

After the unsurprising aviation disaster that claimed the life of Yevgeny Prigozhin, his mercenary force, the Wagner Group, disbanded. This makes it even more startling to see vehicles custom-built for the Wagner Group reappearing on the Ukrainian front. These vehicles are known as "Czekan," armored transporters based on the Ural-4320 trucks.

As reported by Defence24, they're armed with a large-caliber KPV 14.5 mm machine gun mounted on top. The firing position is located in a turret borrowed from the BTR-80 armored carriers. Further firepower comes from a PKT machine gun with a 7.62 mm caliber. But there's more.

A crucial characteristic of the Czekan is its resistance to landmines. To ensure the safety of its occupants, the vehicle's bottom is designed in a "V" shape. However, the protective measures don't end there. As reported by, the vehicles spotted recently on the Ukrainian front have been fitted with plows. Attached in front of the bumper, chains are intended to trigger mines in the vehicle's path, hence preventing an explosion beneath it.

It appears that the Russian military is utilizing every possible vehicle that could support their mission. This now includes the vehicles initially designed for the Wagner Group. Does this also imply the deployment of former members of that group into the battle? This question remains unanswered for now.

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