NewsThe mysterious death of suspect in Russian custody shakes St. Petersburg

The mysterious death of suspect in Russian custody shakes St. Petersburg

A mysterious death in Russia, with the FSB and an order from an agent in the background
A mysterious death in Russia, with the FSB and an order from an agent in the background
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7:13 PM EDT, June 11, 2024

54-year-old Aleksandr Pierow, accused of setting fire to a military recruitment office in St. Petersburg, suddenly died in the hospital. According to the independent portal "Fontanka," the man was transported there from the detention center, already in a state of clinical death. What happened to him? That remains unknown for now.

According to information provided by "Fontanka", Pierow was transported to the hospital from the detention center on June 10th in a state of clinical death. Despite the efforts of medical staff, he could not be saved. Doctors pronounced him dead an hour after his admission to the hospital.

A case was opened against the St. Petersburg resident due to an attempted arson of the military recruiting station on Tchaikovsky Street on the evening of July 31, 2023. Pierow tried to drive a car through the gate leading to the building's courtyard.

As noted by "Mediazona," local authorities described the damage caused by the arson as "minor" - the fire covered one square yard and was quickly extinguished.

Aleksandr Pierow was detained at the scene. He told the police that the arson was organized by a man who introduced himself as "FSB employee, Kolesnikow."

Mysterious death in custody in Russia. He was to be released

According to the 54-year-old's account, the men communicated through a messenger. "Kolesnikow" allegedly proposed attacking the military recruitment office, explaining that the building contained documents being sent to Ukraine.

The case, initially treated as an act of arson, was later reclassified as an act of terror. Pierow was taken into custody on August 2, 2023. According to the newspaper Fontanka, a session on canceling the preventive measure for the accused was scheduled for June 13th.

The Russian newspaper does not provide the exact cause of Pierow's death or the factors that led to the clinical death of the detained man.

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