LifestyleThe mysterious 'bread' position cats often assume explained

The mysterious 'bread' position cats often assume explained

Why do cats pretend to be bread?
Why do cats pretend to be bread?
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6:45 AM EST, December 29, 2023

Cats are mysterious and can be puzzling with their behaviors and habits. They are known for their secretive demeanor, perplexing responses, and unusual behaviors. Nevertheless, a lot of these behaviors are their way of communicating. At times, such behaviors imply that they feel safe and comfortable.

Understanding the meaning of the 'bread' position in cats

Many cat owners wonder why their furry friends often lay on their stomachs, tucking their paws under their torsos—a pose humorously dubbed the 'bread' position. Mikel Delgado, a postdoctoral scholar at the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis, explains.

"A cat with its paws tucked under its belly is usually relaxed. This position indicates that the animal is neither preparing for defense nor escape," explained the specialist.

If a cat frequently adopts this position, it's a sign that the cat feels safe in the surroundings and enjoys the company it's in. It's quite common for cats to lie like this on their owner's lap or in their favorite spots around the house.

A sign of comfort or a red flag?

Besides the psychosocial implications, the 'bread' position also has practical uses. It does not strain the cat's spine, enabling it to relax fully. Additionally, this pose shields the cat's paws, which lack fur and can chill quickly from the cold. It's usually much more comfortable to tuck their paws under their torso.

However, consistent bread-like posturing might also indicate underlying health issues, particularly paw pain.

"A cat constantly sitting on its paws might be in pain and might use this position to try to hide the discomfort," Dr. Mikel Delgado pointed out.

Mostly, though, this position is an indicator of a cat's relaxed state and overall good mood.

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