EntertainmentThe much-anticipated sequel to Marvel's Deadpool is nearing its release. Here's a sneak peek from the set

The much-anticipated sequel to Marvel's Deadpool is nearing its release. Here's a sneak peek from the set

"Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson in "Deadpool 3""
"Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson in "Deadpool 3""
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1:03 AM EST, December 6, 2023

The long-anticipated return of the fan-favorite is here. The sequel to "Deadpool" has at last got an official release date, and the first on-set images have surfaced online. Once more, Ryan Reynolds will reprise his role as the wisecracking superhero.

The storm caused by the post-strike Hollywood scene has swept away the uncertainties surrounding the third installment of "Deadpool". This delayed Marvel production, which was initially scheduled to premiere in May the following year, will officially land in cinemas at the end of July 2024. Besides the title character, we will also see the appearance of Wolverine and Dogpool on screen. The latter, an unusually ungainly creature, is the center of the latest snapshot from the production set.

Caption under a Humorous set photo reads, "Tastes like dog poop"

The recent leaks were discovered on Dogpool's Instagram profile. In one image, we see a puppy named Peggy licking the distorted face of Wade Wilson (Deadpool). The adorable snapshot of a "love confession" conveyed through puppy slobber contrasts strikingly with the blunt caption. "Looks like an avocado. Tastes like dog poop," read the words under the picture.

Alongside Deadpool, Dogpool is another character from Marvel's comic universe, and his appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is thanks to the concept of the multiverse.

Unraveling the details about "Deadpool 3"

As already known, the third installment of "Deadpool" will follow the highly successful 20th Century Fox titles from 2016 and 2018. The first film, made on a budget of $78 million, grossed over $782 million, while the second, costing $110 million, outperformed its predecessor by an extra $3 million. These records make the two titles the most lucrative R-rated films in mainstream cinema. Unsurprisingly, the third film will also come with this rating.

Shawn Levy ("Free Guy", "Night at the Museum"), the director and screenwriter of this latest addition to the trilogy, will work with stars such as the aforementioned Reynolds and Jennifer Garner. Garner, a 51-year-old actress well known for her role in "Elektra" and "Daredevil", will portray Elektra for the third time in this film. Additionally, after a six-year hiatus since his last appearance in "Deadpool", and seven since "Logan: Wolverine", Hugh Jackman will be returning to the big screen.

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