NewsThe most Eurosceptic nation: Survey results may surprise

The most Eurosceptic nation: Survey results may surprise

Flag of the European Union
Flag of the European Union
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6:53 AM EST, December 10, 2023

The British newspaper, "The Telegraph," recently published an article about a study conducted by Eurobarometer six months before the European Parliament elections. The residents of almost all Community countries foresaw a bright future for the European Union. However, the number of pessimists outweighed optimists in one country. Astonishingly, the French emerged as the most Eurosceptic nation, according to the British newspaper.

"The Telegraph" gives an overview of a survey conducted by Eurobarometer six months before the European Parliament elections. The results revealed that in 26 out of 27 countries, the majority of residents, particularly the youth, harbor optimistic feelings about the Community's future. Only in one country did pessimists dominate.

The most Eurosceptic nation? France

Shockingly, it's the French, dubbed as the most Eurosceptic people in Europe by the British newspaper. Approximately 49 percent of respondents viewed the European Union's current direction negatively. Positive sentiments about the Community's future were expressed by 46 percent of respondents, a drop from 52 percent three years ago. Even the Hungarians, governed by Eurosceptic Orbán, are more optimistic.

Interestingly, in terms of short-term perspectives, a significant 73 percent of Europeans anticipate a decline in their standard of living in the forthcoming 2024 year. This is a drop of six percent compared to studies from March 2023.

But on the whole, as many as 60 percent of Europeans harbor a positive outlook for the near future. The most optimism was found in the 15-39 age group (66-67 percent), while the least was found in those over 55 years old (55 percent).

Note that the percentage of people who believe that "everything is heading in the wrong direction" across all 27 Community countries stands at 48 percent.

The Danes and the Irish have the most relaxed view of Europe's future. In both nations, up to 83 percent of the population could be categorized as optimists.

A large majority, 61 percent, of Europeans view their membership in the European Union positively, with 72 percent believing their country has benefited from this association.

"The Telegraph" points out that Marine Le Pen's Eurosceptic party, National Rally, currently holds the highest ratings in France, at approximately 28 percent. This is eight percentage points higher than President Macron's grouping.

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