News"The mission was simple, to kill". The premeditated massacre in Israel

"The mission was simple, to kill". The premeditated massacre in Israel

One of the Hamas terrorists talked about the attack on Israel.
One of the Hamas terrorists talked about the attack on Israel.
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8:55 AM EDT, November 3, 2023

A captured Hamas fighter has revealed insights into the ruthless planning and execution of the massacre in Israel. There was no mercy shown to Israeli civilians who were targeted in the attack. Disturbingly, children were not spared and were slain in cold blood by the Islamists.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) apprehended a Hamas fighter, who was involved in the ruthless attack on October 7 in areas bordering the Gaza Strip. During his interrogation, the Palestinians divulged that their commanders had given orders to annihilate all Israelis they encountered, with no prisoner-taking or mercy shown.

The assault was premeditated for several months. The Hamas members openly confessed that the objective was to inflict as many casualties as possible, fully aware that they were primarily targeting civilians. And this unsavory fact was used to their advantage.

"Our mission was simple, to kill" – the Hamas fighter admitted on record.

He detailed how he and his accomplice callously shot an unarmed woman in one house. They continued to scour the kibbutz and in the next dwelling, they heard the cries of a child. Without hesitation, they opened fire towards the door concealing the sobbing, only stopping once the cries subsided. It is assumed the child perished.

Hamas' attack on Israel: a bloodbath leads to retaliation in the Gaza Strip

Hamas's onslaught resulted in the most tragic day for the Jews since World War II. The unanticipated attack left residents in the border area helpless to defend themselves against the terrorists. More than 1400 lives were lost, including many women, children, and the elderly. The ferocity displayed by the Islamic attackers was beyond comprehension.

In certain instances, Hamas abducted civilians, and are currently holding approximately 220 individuals of diverse nationalities, not just Israelis.

The Israeli authorities vowed to retaliate forcefully for the October 7 attack and initiated heavy air raids and land operations in the Gaza Strip. Tanks and heavy artillery are currently striking on three fronts. Regrettably, it's primarily innocent civilians who suffer. Nearly 10,000 Palestinians have perished so far, with hundreds injured and stripped of basic necessities.

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