NewsThe lynching of Russians for alleged drug abuse

The lynching of Russians for alleged drug abuse

Lynching on Russians. "For drug use."
Lynching on Russians. "For drug use."
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6:22 AM EST, November 15, 2023

Disturbing footage has surfaced from propaganda military channels portraying Russian soldiers verbally and physically assaulting their peers. The video features instances of simulated executions and beatings by hand or stick. The purported reason for this mistreatment is the targeted soldiers' drug abuse. Corresponding to warnings made by British intelligence, roughly 15 percent of soldiers engaged in the Ukraine conflict are suspected of having experience with drugs.

The footage was initially circulated by Russian propaganda military channels and later picked up by the media. It shows two separate groups of Russian soldiers. Notably, some soldiers sport badges of the Wagner group on their uniforms. The videos collectively last just over three minutes.

A shocking video surfaces online

The alarming video depicts soldiers intimidating and punishing their fellow colleagues. As per the narration in the video, the penalties are inflicted as a punishment for soldiers who refused to go on the frontlines because of excessive drug use impairing their ability to fight.

The video contains harrowing scenes. Soldiers are seen aiming weapons at prone men, shouting, and subsequently attacking them with batons, fists, and feet. The screams can be heard clearly. In the background, a group of men are observed digging a large hole while one propaganda channel misled them into believing it was their grave.

Drugs on the front line - A serious issue

As warned by British intelligence, the issue of Russian soldiers' drug use on the front line is significant. The British Ministry of Defence commented, "The drug abuse among Russian soldiers battling in Ukraine is a grave concern, influenced largely by the lack of rotation opportunities for troops".

An intelligence update cited information from the independent Russian portal, Worstka, estimating that up to 15 percent of Russian soldiers in Ukraine abused drugs, including amphetamine and marijuana. It also mentioned the ease of acquiring drugs, even on the front line.

Russian commanders impose punishments on soldiers

These reports align well with other information indicating a high frequency of disciplinary incidents, crimes, and deaths among Russian armed forces, all related to alcohol abuse.

The report suggests, "Russian commanders likely punish those misusing drugs and alcohol by assigning them to Storm-Z assault units, which effectively serve as penal units. A significant contributing factor to poor discipline and substance misuse among Russian soldiers appears to be the continuous lack of opportunities to rotate combat units away from the front line".

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