EntertainmentThe latest movie with Sandra Bullock is a hit. The star has said goodbye to Hollywood for now

The latest movie with Sandra Bullock is a hit. The star has said goodbye to Hollywood for now

Sandra Bullock in the movie "Lost City"
Sandra Bullock in the movie "Lost City"
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10:02 PM EDT, October 23, 2023

Over the past weekend, the movie with Sandra Bullock "Lost City" appeared on the Netflix streaming platform. The Hollywood star announced that last year's adventure production might be the last movie in her entire career. For now, she is keeping her word.

In a television interview in which Sandra Bullock announced the suspension of her career, it was evident that she did not make this decision impulsively. - I need to take a break from show business. I want to devote more attention to my children. I want to be a mother, I want to be with my children and family 24/7. Time goes by too fast for me to postpone this moment. I may return someday. Probably, when my children are 16-17 years old – said the Hollywood star.

Let's recall that Bullock is the mother of two adopted children: 11-year-old Laila and 13-year-old Louis. If the actress keeps her word, we will not see her on screen in new productions for at least 5-6 years. In an interview, she admitted that she cannot reconcile work with raising children.

LOST CITY - first trailer

In the last year of her professional activity, Sandra Bullock starred in three movies: the drama "Unforgivable", which was produced by Netflix (a big hit on the platform), and two box office hits - "Bullet Train" (guest appearance) and "Lost City" (where Bullock was also a producer).

"The Lost City" is an adventure production, which was compared to the famous hit from the 80s, "Love, Emerald, and Crocodile". The similarities are numerous. The famous romance writer lives in the world of her fantasies. She writes a lot about love and adventure, but leads a life devoid of major emotions and feelings. The situation will change when she is kidnapped with the model from the cover of her books (in this role, returning to Hollywood, is Channing Tatum).

The adventure production enjoyed great popularity in cinemas (almost 200 million dollars in revenue during the difficult, post-pandemic period).

The reviewers particularly liked the first half of the movie, where there is no shortage of amusing moments, witty and smart dialogues, and well-drawn characters that evoke the viewers' sympathy. Unfortunately, the plot becomes quite schematic in the second part. One critic wrote: "The inherent necessity of Hollywood filmmakers to speed up the action before the movie's finale causes the originality of 'The Lost City' to fade, along with the humor and light style".

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