Entertainment"The Last of Us" steals spotlight at rescheduled Emmy Awards amidst Golden Globe thrills

"The Last of Us" steals spotlight at rescheduled Emmy Awards amidst Golden Globe thrills

"The Last of Us" is a screen adaptation of a popular console game.
"The Last of Us" is a screen adaptation of a popular console game.
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3:32 PM EST, January 8, 2024

The Emmy Awards ceremony countenanced some complications due to recent writers' and actors' strikes. Initially, the "television Oscars" were slated for distribution at the ceremony in September 2023. However, prevailing conditions at the time didn't permit this, leading to a rescheduling of the awards ceremony to January 2024.

Consequently, during the first weekend of the new year, we got acquainted with winners in technical categories, bestowed as the Creative Arts Emmys, in addition to those from documentations, entertainment segments, reality shows, and more. More awards will be presented on Monday, January 15.

Currently, "The Last of Us" holds the reins for the highest number of statuettes won. This HBO smash last year garnered nominations in 24 categories and has triumphed in eight so far. The acting awards were given to Storm Reid and Nick Offerman. They were also honored for the creation of the opening sequence, picture and sound editing, visual effects, and make-up.

Contending with "The Last of Us" for the Emmy award is "Succession", which has managed to convert 27 nominations into four statuettes. This production took home the Golden Globe on Sunday for Best Drama Series, an accolade that "The Last of Us" had been targeting as well.

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