"The Last of Us" star answers to the homophobic comments about his role

"The Last of Us" star answers to the homophobic comments about his role

"The Last of Us" star answers to the homophobic comments about his role
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11:47 AM EST, February 26, 2024, updated: 12:53 PM EST, February 26, 2024

The 39th edition of the Independent Spirit Awards took place on Sunday, February 25, during which the best actors and directors of both films and TV series were awarded. One of the winners was Nick Offerman for his role in "The Last of Us." During his speech, he condemned homophobic comments regarding his role.

Nick Offerman played in one episode of the excellent HBO hit "The Last of Us", and his role received wide coverage in the media. Offerman played a gay man there, which was met with many homophobic comments and reactions from viewers.

On Sunday, Nick Offerman was awarded for this role in the category of best-supporting performance in a new scripted series. When he went on stage to receive the statuette, he said a few words, criticizing the homophobic comments directed towards the creators of the series for including homosexual characters in it.

"Thanks to HBO for having the guts to participate in this storytelling tradition that is truly independent. Stories with guts that when homophobic hate comes my way and says, ‘Why did you have to make it a gay story?’ We say, ‘Because you ask questions like that. It’s not a gay story. It’s a love story, you asshole!" said Offerman on the stage.

Apart from Nick Offerman, "The Last of Us" had one more representative among the winners. The second awarded person associated with this production was Keivonn Montreal Woodard, who won in the Best Breakthrough in New Series category.

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