TechThe "Kraken" unit is in action. This is how they use modern equipment

The "Kraken" unit is in action. This is how they use modern equipment

A Ukrainian soldier from the Kraken unit is operating a "Black Hornet" 3 microdrone.
A Ukrainian soldier from the Kraken unit is operating a "Black Hornet" 3 microdrone.
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9:41 AM EDT, October 23, 2023

The effectiveness of Ukrainian special units such as Kraken comes from training, experience, and the use of modern equipment from the West. We explain what role "Black Hornet" microdrones play in this.

One of the most effective units fighting in Ukraine is the volunteer Kraken unit. This unit was initially equipped with Soviet-era gear, but now the standard is western equipment including, among others, Polish RGP-40 revolver grenade launchers, Swiss B&T APC9 submachine guns, and Czech CZ-806 BREN-2 rifles. They also use "Black Hornet" 3 microdrones, the use of which can be noticed in the recording below.

The "Black Hornet" drones, written about by Virtual Poland journalist, Karolina Modzelewska, are miniature solutions dedicated to individual soldiers, designed to provide the ability to conduct reconnaissance of the immediate area. The video above shows how a soldier from the special unit Kraken retrieves the drone after completing a reconnaissance mission in the nearby area.

"Drones "Black Hornet" - the eyes of the 21st century soldier"

Combat in urban terrain or densely forested areas is extremely dangerous, because the enemy has many potential hiding spots, and it's worth noting that even a single sniper or machine gunner can eliminate an entire unit in case of a successful ambush.

The risk of falling into a trap is to be reduced by drones, which as shown by the war in Ukraine are used on a massive scale. Due to a lack of military equipment, commercial drones are being used for this purpose, but some units receive the latest solutions. The second group includes drones from the "Black Hornet" family produced by Teledyne FLIR, one of the leaders in this type of solution.

"Black Hornet" 3 is a miniature drone designed for soldier use with a range of about 1.2 miles, which is a sufficient value for, for example, checking the location of trenches and their staffing, for example, in a nearby forest or the layout of a few buildings in an urbanized area. The drone has a daytime and thermal imaging camera, respectively, with resolutions of 640x480 pixels and 160x120 pixels.

It may not be much, but keep in mind that all of this was squeezed into a drone about 6.61 inches long and weighing less than 1.16 oz - already impressive. This tiny drone can stay in the air for 25 minutes and move at a speed of nearly 13.67 mph. But that's not all, as there is also a slightly enlarged to around 2.47 oz "Black Hornet" 4 drone, where the flight time and the resolution of the cameras used are increased.

It's also worth noting that the entire set, including the drone and the control panel, weighs only 2.87 lbs, which doesn't pose a significant burden for a soldier. Having such a personal scout is a significant reinforcement, worth even carrying slightly less ammunition for this reason.

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