Entertainment'The Killer' is making a splash, and David Fincher isn't ruling out a sequel

'The Killer' is making a splash, and David Fincher isn't ruling out a sequel

"Michael Fassbender as the titular 'Killer'"
"Michael Fassbender as the titular 'Killer'"
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6:51 AM EST, November 18, 2023

The movie 'The Killer' has been garnering glowing reviews and has attracted significant attention on Netflix. The audience is eager for a sequel, especially considering the open-ended narrative. Director David Fincher has offered a response to their wishes.

[Note: spoilers ahead] In the film, when the titular 'The Killer' botches a job, retaliation claims the life of a close associate, and he himself becomes the prey. Rather than continuously running, he fights back, eliminating subsequent foes until he reaches the one who ordered the hit.

On the one hand, the protagonist is verbose, his off-screen narrations sometimes becoming exhausting. However, he's frugal with his dialogues when interacting with others.

"Try to write this character in such a way that he only has about 10 lines of spoken dialogue throughout the film," David instructed me. I happily provided him a draft featuring only 13. It was the least I could whittle it down to without turning the character into a caricature," shared screenwriter Andrew Walker in an interview with EW.

Fincher employed a polarizing strategy towards the film's climax. Most viewers were pleasantly taken aback by its deviating plot, particularly those who had predicted the lead character's demise. The open-ended conclusion paves the way for a 'The Killer' sequel, which would likely be a commercial success. Ultimately, the decision lies with the director.

"I never like to close doors on possibilities. It's unwise to set rigid rules about such things. I'm the one who said 'no more serial killers' before 'Zodiac'," Fincher admitted in his discussion with EW.

Though Fincher is known for his films on serial killers ('Seven,' 'Zodiac,' 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,' 'Mindhunters'), he hasn't yet directed any sequels.

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