LifestyleThe internet's latest mind-bending illusion may reveal your traits

The internet's latest mind-bending illusion may reveal your traits

Which way is the cat going?
Which way is the cat going?
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4:16 PM EST, January 10, 2024

Perception tests, puzzles, and optical illusions frequently appear online. While the majority of them are just for entertainment, others serve to exercise your mind, and a few even claim to reveal key personality traits of those who solve them.

This particular illusion, first published by "The Sun", falls into the last category. According to its creators, how we interpret the picture says something about who we really are. The challenge is demanding, but the solution can be satisfying.

Optical illusion: what do you see? It could tell you about your character

In the image, there's a cat walking on stairs. At first glance, it seems simple enough, but the image has been manipulated so that it's hard to determine which direction the cat is moving in. Is it heading down or climbing up? Take a closer look.

If you believe the cat is climbing up, you are characterized by openness and optimism. You're said to love life and savor every moment. Even in the face of difficulties, you don't let them bother you, although this might also mean you tend to be a bit naive.

Is the cat going down or up?
Is the cat going down or up?©

Conversely, if you think the cat is going down, you're likely an introvert. You could be cautious in decision making, somewhat withdrawn, and tend to hold a pessimistic view. However, your strength lies in your sharp intuition and exceptional intelligence.

So, which way is the cat really going?

Internet users are divided on this. They point out factors like the construction of the stairs, the position of the cat's tail, and overall posture of the animal. Numerous experts have also analyzed the graphic, including behavioral science professor Nick Chater from Warwick Business School. The professor opines there is no definitive answer to this question. According to him, the picture can be interpreted in two ways.

"If we could only tell the slant of the mysterious square patch in relation to the staircase, we would then know if it was floor or ceiling, and so there would no ambiguity. But the image cleverly leaves the grey square bereft of any clues, so we flip from one interpretation to the other," explained the professor.
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