NewsThe gruesome end for Memphis artist 'Slick Rick': a horrifying beheading shocks the music world

The gruesome end for Memphis artist 'Slick Rick': a horrifying beheading shocks the music world

Macabre. Brother found Slick Rick headless.
Macabre. Brother found Slick Rick headless.
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3:33 AM EST, January 27, 2024

Living a solitary life in Memphis was Buchanan's choice. For years, he was known throughout the city as the DJ Slick Rick. However, his fame never rivaled the rapper who shares the same pseudonym.

The Buchanan family owned a notable live music venue in Memphis called The Stage Shop. This is where Rick began his performance career as Slick Rick. It is also the same locale where he was shot in 2014.

Physically, DJ Slick Rick made a full recovery from the shooting. However, according to his brother John, the incident made Rick more introverted. He left his job and spent much of his time alone at home. On Wednesday, January 24th, John went for his routine visit to his brother's house, leading to a horrifying discovery.

Entering the house, I found him and immediately called 911. I thought his coat was draped over his head, as though he was cold. I ran out and returned again, that's when I understood what had actually happened - John Buchanan told FOX13 TV.

John described the gruesome scene, as his brother's dismembered body was found with his pants down. In death, Rick still clutched his house keys tightly in his hand. The closed front door contrasted sharply with the garden doors left wide open, raising suspicion.

Ashley Buchanan, Slick Rick's sister, has initiated a collection for her brother's funeral costs. She also noted that further details will be revealed following the autopsy. Meanwhile, Memphis police are handling the case as a murder investigation.

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