EntertainmentThe GPT chat is boring. Creator of "Black Mirror" is not afraid that AI will take away jobs

The GPT chat is boring. Creator of "Black Mirror" is not afraid that AI will take away jobs

The sixth season of "Black Mirror" debuted in June 2023.
The sixth season of "Black Mirror" debuted in June 2023.
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10:40 AM EDT, October 21, 2023

Artificial intelligence has conquered the world. Many industries are discussing how it can be used to improve work, but inevitable questions also arise: will AI ultimately make humans unnecessary? The creator of "Black Mirror" is no longer worried about this.

After a full four years hiatus, "Black Mirror" returned in June 2023 with a new season. Its creator, Charlie Brooker, admitted that he tried to use a GPT chatbot in the works of the series, but this turned out to be a complete failure. He has now disclosed more about this unusual "collaboration".

Artificial intelligence does not pose a threat

As reported by The Guardian, during one of the SXSW events in Sydney Brooker confessed to asking chatGPT to create an outline of a "Black Mirror" episode. Initially, he was terrified by how well artificial intelligence handled this task. However, after a while, he discovered that what the bot "spit out" was of poor quality.

- I said to chatGPT: "give me an outline of a 'Black Mirror' style story". And when the first few sentences appear, you feel a cold chill of fear, something like animal terror. As if I had been, f..king, replaced. I thought I wouldn't even watch what it does. I'll jump out the damn window. And then, as time goes by, as you observe it, you conclude: "Oh, this is boring". For a second I was terrified, now I am bored, because it is so banal.

Famed for his immense creativity and surprising narrative solutions, the showrunner of "Black Mirror" asserts that AI will not be able to match humans in terms of inventiveness. It is important to remember that devices like chatGPT create "new" content based only on the "old", therefore lacking an individual element, a trace of personal input.

- [ChatGPT - ed. note] simply mimics something. It collects every description of every episode of "Black Mirror," probably from Wikipedia and other things that people have written, and just vomits that at me. It pretends to be something that it cannot be. Artificial intelligence will stay with us, it can be a very powerful tool. But I can't fully imagine how it replaces twisted people.

Brooker therefore believes that artificial intelligence is a method of creating a huge power, which however will not be able to surpass a human in his originality and non-schematic thinking. This is an interesting voice in a discussion that has been going on in the industry for several months now, now particularly intense due to the actors' strike, in which one of the demands is to regulate issues related to AI.

What is "Black Mirror" about?

It is impossible to definitively define the series "Black Mirror", as is the case with anthologies - each episode tells a different story. However, a common denominator for all episodes is the collective unease we feel towards the contemporary world, mainly based on our technoparanoia.

The first season of "Black Mirror" was created in 2011, and currently has six parts. The show was created by Charlie Brooker, and individual episodes were directed by people such as Jodie Foster or Joe Wright ("Pride and Prejudice", "Anna Karenina"). The cast includes Daniel Kaluuya ("Get Out!"), Domhnall Gleeson ("Time for Love"), Jon Hamm ("Mad Men"), Rupert Everett ("An Ideal Husband"), Ben Miles ("The Crown"), Gugu Mbatha-Raw ("Loki"), Letitia Wright ("Black Panther"), Miley Cyrus ("Hannah Montana"), Aaron Paul ("Breaking Bad"), Andrew Scott ("Fleabag") and Salma Hayek ("Eternals").

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