EntertainmentThe future is now. AI to resurrect famous singer in upcoming film

The future is now. AI to resurrect famous singer in upcoming film

French singer Edith Piaf on stage
French singer Edith Piaf on stage
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8:19 AM EST, November 15, 2023

The realization of our worst nightmare is also probably the biggest dream of many viewers and creators worldwide. With the aid of modern technology, it will soon be possible to watch a performance by Edith Piaf, brought back to life through artificial intelligence.

Recent actors' strikes in Hollywood brought to the forefront the issue of using AI in filmmaking, one of the pivotal points deliberated and regulated. Shortly thereafter, Warner Music Group shocked everyone by divulging details about their feature-length documentary film "Edith", starring the legendary French singer.

The project catches our attention because of its novel approach - bringing the singer back to life on screen through artificial intelligence.

Details about the "Edith" project

Variety magazine reports that "Edith" will be a 90-minute documentary, chronicling the artist's life over several decades, from the 20s through to the 60s. The creators insist that the documentary will disclose previously unknown details about Piaf.

The project, shaped in collaboration with the vocalist's heirs, taps a wealth of recordings and videos to enable artificial intelligence to recreate Piaf's persona and mimic her voice. The intention is to offer viewers an immersive experience – to give the impression they are watching the legendary French singer narrate her own story.

The film was conceived by Julie Veille, known for her directorial works dedicated to other musicians, including Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, and Sting. The release date for "Edith" is yet to be announced.

Edith Piaf on the big screen

Over the years, Piaf, who lived from 1915 to 1963, has been depicted in several films, like Marcel Blistène's "Star Without Light" or Jean Renoir's "French Cancan". In 2007, a biopic titled "La Vie en Rose" by Olivier Dahan portrayed her life, with Marion Cotillard offering an Oscar and Golden Globe Award-winning performance as the famous singer.

Edith Piaf on the show "The theater of X Y Z"
Edith Piaf on the show "The theater of X Y Z"© Getty Images | Charles Prost
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