LifestyleThe foolproof trick to make your white shoes look like new again

The foolproof trick to make your white shoes look like new again

This trick will make your white shoes clean again.
This trick will make your white shoes clean again.
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11:32 AM EST, January 12, 2024

White shoes are known to get dirty quite quickly. This is particularly true during the spring-summer seasons as we tend to wear them more often and set aside the darker shades. 

White shoes not only match many styles but also add freshness to them. However, they can easily dirty, resulting in an unsightly appearance. Some people opt to wash shoes by hand, using various detergents which sometimes fail to deliver the desired result. 

Meanwhile, others choose traditional machine washing. But occasionally the shoes end up in a worse condition post-washing, torn, unglued, all because of a basic oversight.

Mishandling shoes in the washing machine may damage them. If they aren't secured properly, or if they are the only elements in the drum, damage can occur. This can also affect the washing machine. Hence, it is advisable to follow some key tips. 

What's the best way to machine-wash white shoes?

The safe way to machine-wash white shoes involves using a fabric mesh bag or a pillowcase to cover the footwear. Both these items should ideally match the shoe color to prevent any dye transfer.

Skip the powder and opt for a liquid detergent, selecting a delicate wash program in the washing machine. The optimal temperature is 86 degrees, and the spin should be set to 400 rpm.

Nevertheless, it's crucial to take care of the washing machine during this process. To prevent any possible negative outcomes, it's useful to add white towels into the drum. These would cushion the shoes, preventing them from damaging the machine interior. Remember, the towels' color should match the footwear to avoid any discoloration or yellowing.

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