EntertainmentThe famous actor nearly died. It happened on a movie plan

The famous actor nearly died. It happened on a movie plan

The famous actor nearly died. It happened on a movie plan
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3:05 PM EDT, October 24, 2023

Some time has passed since this dramatic event, but the "Call Saul" star's voice still shakes when he talks about it. Bob Odenkirk once again mentioned the terrifying moment from one day on the set of the series.

In 2021, something terrible happened to Bob Odenkirk: he had a heart attack on the set of the final season of "Better Call Saul." Although everything ended well, the actor openly admitted that it was a very difficult experience for him. Why has he now decided to return to it?

"Better Call Saul" Star on Heart Attack

This time the actor recalled his tragedy on the "The Drew Barrymore Show", where he and his daughter were promoting their joint book "Zilot & Other Important Rhymes". As reported by Decider, at some point during the conversation, the question came up from the Turkish-style seated host about what the heart attack meant to him.

- Since then, I've thought a lot about it and it really has impacted my life. I just thought a lot about the time you need in a day - if you can get it - and in your life, to be happy and to enjoy the people around you, the relationships you are lucky to have, the good things in your life. Everything. Even the bad things - confessed the 60-year-old actor.

He emphasized that without space and time to feel all these things surrounding us, in reality, we do not experience life.

Official Season 6 Trailer | Better Call Saul

Dramatic events on the set of "Better Call Saul"

As Decider reports, Odenkirk himself does not remember how his heart attack happened. From subsequent accounts, it is known that the actor's heart stopped beating for as long as 18 minutes. In the "Better Call Saul Insider" podcast, series creator Vince Gilligan said: "We were watching him die. I've never seen anything like this outside of movies," and he added that after the colleague's return to the set, they only felt joy and gratitude.

Odenkirk also sees the positives in this extremely difficult experience for him. In a conversation with NPR, he admitted that he now has a completely different view of the world, and the heart attack allowed him to "renew contact with life".

In 2022, the actor even said that if he couldn't return to work, he would prefer someone to replace him in the role of the famous lawyer. However, that did not happen because the creators themselves stated that the series without him would make no sense.

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