Entertainment"The Crown" is not over just yet. There's potential for a spin-off

"The Crown" is not over just yet. There's potential for a spin-off

Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana in "The Crown"
Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana in "The Crown"
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10:41 AM EDT, October 27, 2023

Fans who are fascinated by the story of British royalty eagerly await the final season of "The Crown", which is set to release in two parts. In the meantime, speculations about a possible spin-off of the series have resurfaced.

The countdown to the final part of the Netflix-procured series has begun. The first four episodes of the last season will be released on 16 November, followed by the next six on 14 December. It has been revealed that the sixth season will dive into the love story of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, their vacations with her sons on a millionaire's yacht, and her tragic death in a car crash in a Paris tunnel.

The latter half of the season will delve into William's life upon enrolling in a new school after the passing of his mother and meeting Kate Middleton. The series will also follow the Queen's golden jubilee and the plot of Charles' second marriage. All this indicates that the final season of "The Crown" will span the years 1997–2005.

What Might "The Crown" Spin-off Be About?

As we approach the culmination of the production, which premiered in 2016, the unexpected announcement was made that the series' creator isn't ready to fully part ways with the royal family's narrative. In a talk with "Variety", showrunner Peter Morgan disclosed that he is considering extending the story with fresh elements.

"I have an idea in mind. However, I need to handle a few other matters first. (...) If I were to revisit "The Crown", I would certainly time-travel backward. (...) One thing I'll unquestionably miss is scripting a multi-generational family saga, as it is simply the most compelling story to narrate."

Morgan's commentary suggests that the potential spin-off may serve as a prequel, thus, events would transpire prior to those depicted in "The Crown". This conjecture aligns with the rumors that surfaced last year.

As per the unverified information acquired back then, the fresh series might concentrate on the years 1901–1947, observing the successive reigns of Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII, and George VI. The spin-off could possibly end where "The Crown" begins, showcasing the wedding of Princess Elizabeth to Philip Mountbatten.

Reportedly, Netflix's chief, Ted Sarandos, has given Morgan the green signal, expressing full trust in the writer's instincts. Therefore, it seems like "The Crown" fans' journey might not conclude in December 2023.

The initial part of "The Crown"'s sixth season will be available on Thursday, 16 November, on Netflix.

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