NewsThe coffee cup test. Were you offered drinks at your job interview?

The coffee cup test. Were you offered drinks at your job interview?

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12:53 PM EDT, October 31, 2023

There isn't a universal method for effectively preparing for an interview. Some candidates extensively research the prospective employer, whereas others concentrate on reviewing knowledge acquired through courses or academic study. Intriguingly, even a simple cup of coffee can potentially influence whether we secure a job or not.

This isn't about whether or not we spill the coffee, or the type of coffee we choose when offered during the interview. Even the decision to accept it won't make the potential employer perceive us as drowsy individuals or caffeine addicts. This notion is based on the unique recruitment method revealed by Trent Innes, Managing Director of Xero Australia, during a conversation with The Ventures business podcast.

During an interview, Innes invites the candidates to the kitchen, from where they invariably return with a mug of their chosen drink. Then they resume the interview in the original room. Once the interview concludes, he observes whether the interviewee intends to return their empty mug back to the kitchen.

One can develop their skills, and amass knowledge and experience, but it all truly boils down to attitude. Those who display the consideration to "clean up after themselves" show positive attitudes, Innes added.

The CEO emphasized that this is an excellent method to ascertain if an individual meshes well with the company culture. If not, the candidate, like a high-strength espresso, is added to a blacklist.

On a brighter note, Trent Innes, unlike numerous other executives, chose to disclose one of his recruitment practices. This suggests that candidate preparation may be simplified if they do an online vetting of their prospective boss prior to the interview.

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