EntertainmentThe coach's unconventional actions were questioned. Should soccer players do that?

The coach's unconventional actions were questioned. Should soccer players do that?

In the photo: Schalke footballers
In the photo: Schalke footballers
Images source: © X | SchalkeZone
7:19 PM EST, November 6, 2023

Schalke's new coach, Karel Geraerts, has concocted a unique strategy to motivate and incentivize his players - an approach perhaps considered unbecoming for professional athletes.

Schalke 04 suffered an underwhelming start to the new season in the 2nd Bundesliga. The team managed to gather only 13 points in 12 games, signaling a rough start. The coach's chair in Gelsenkirchen saw a shift - Karel Geraerts assumed the role, leading the players to victories in the last two matches against Hannover (3:2) and Nuremberg (2:1).

Following their first successful match, the players found as a reward... pizzas in the locker room. Meanwhile, an away victory was celebrated with a stop at McDonald's en route home. Fast food as a reward for a triumph? This unconventional experiment seems to be working, at least for the time being.

Assistant coach Mike Buskens advocates celebrating a sports victory for 24 hours. He also revealed that Schalke's fans support their unorthodox methods of motivation, which they expressed upon meeting the soccer players at a popular restaurant.

Some might argue, "Schalke should focus on improving their league standing rather than celebrating a single victory". They might be right, nevertheless, we're not talking about excessive celebrations here, but of savoring the joy of the moment - he clarified.
That's why we should relish in moments like those in Hannover and Nuremberg. When we strive together, both on the field and in the stands, and reward our endeavors with three points, we truly witness the eruption of positive emotions and collective energy. Life's joys serve as the driving force towards more successful endeavors - he elaborated.
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