LifestyleThe bathroom jar hack: surprising benefits for your hair care routine

The bathroom jar hack: surprising benefits for your hair care routine

Why do we need a jar in the bathroom?
Why do we need a jar in the bathroom?
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4:43 PM EST, November 29, 2023

Have you seen a jar in a friend's bathroom? Chances are they've discovered a clever trick. Once you find out what it's all about, you might find yourself always keeping a glass container in your bathroom. The results could surprise you!

The surprising reasons for keeping a jar in your bathroom

A jar in the bathroom can serve a function vastly different from what you might have in mind. Sure, it makes an eco-friendly container for items like cotton swabs or bath capsules, but its application doesn’t stop there.

Are you among those who are particularly mindful of their hair? If so, you might already be privy to this tip. If not - it's about time you found out.

Hair damage from daily styling and improper care is no secret. However, it's less widely known that diluting your favorite shampoo before use can offer some benefits.

This simple method can reduce irritations caused by the product. By diluting, your shampoo turns gentler and more economical, helping you to save some cash.

The diluted shampoo method: How does it work?

The "Cup Method" for washing your hair has gained popularity among internet users. Most folks who have tried it concur that it leaves their hair not just clean, but also stronger. Additionally, it reduces the risk of scalp irritation.

So how do you prepare this hair washing mixture? Just put a small amount of shampoo in a jar and mix in some water. Securely close the jar and shake well until you get a foam. You can now wash your hair with the diluted shampoo as usual (but avoid using hot water).

This method can be tried by almost everyone, but it's especially recommended for people with sensitive scalps and delicate hair that tends to break easily.

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