NewsThe actress did not mince words. "You are not human if you do not support Israel"

The actress did not mince words. "You are not human if you do not support Israel"

Actress Sara Foster
Actress Sara Foster
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9:20 PM EDT, October 10, 2023

On Saturday, during the Jewish Sabbath, Hamas attacked Israel from several directions, even taking over a military base in the south of the country. Already 200 people have died, and over a thousand are injured. Actress Sara Foster spoke on the matter. The star condemned those who chose not to speak out against the ongoing violence in Israel.

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"I do not support the killing of innocent people. The people dying are not the ones on this radical plight. The loving Platestinians I know do not want this. The loving people of Israel do not want this. Hamas is EVIL. Period. How can ANYONE of any nationality or race defend this?" - she shared her story on Instagram along with a post from the organization Stand With Us, which fights against antisemitism and supports Israel.

Sara Foster's post
Sara Foster's post© Instagram

"If you are too scared to say you stand with Israel or even if you don't. At least stand against 4 year old children being dragged out of their beds by terrorist organization. And if you don't stand against that, then you are not human" - wrote Foster.

Attack on Israel

Hamas launched over 100 rockets towards the city of Ashkelon on Sunday evening - reported "The Times of Israel". The AP agency reported that Israel struck over a thousand targets in the Gaza Strip overnight. Israel Defense Forces spokesman Daniel Hagari said there are still terrorists in Israeli territory and that fighting is taking place in six locations.

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