AutosTesla Cybertruck was involved in the first accident. Collision raises safety concerns

Tesla Cybertruck was involved in the first accident. Collision raises safety concerns

The Tesla Cybertruck was involved in an accident.
The Tesla Cybertruck was involved in an accident.
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12:43 PM EST, December 31, 2023

The Tesla Cybertruck, without a doubt, is one of the most controversial models to emerge in recent years. The latest vehicle from Elon Musk's company made headlines mainly because of its unconventional, distinctly angular design and the repeated delays in its premiere. The car was initially expected to be on the road in 2020; however, it only debuted at the end of 2023.

The controversies surrounding the Cybertruck began the moment it was unveiled. Above all, the model's aesthetic provoked mixed feelings - its look repelled some. In contrast, others championed Tesla's innovative design approach, referring to the latest Tesla model as the "Pablo Picasso of the automotive world".

At the official premiere, however, one extra concern worried owners. This regarded the safety of the Cybertruck in the event of a collision. Although using stainless steel bolsters the vehicle's overall durability, it restricts the size of the crumple zones.

In a frontal collision, the impact spreads throughout the vehicle—so much so that the rear axle breaks. In addition, the Cybertruck's sharp edges and flat surfaces could make it hazardous for pedestrians. It is feared that these safety issues may prevent the new Tesla from receiving type approval in Europe.

First damaged Cybertruck—how did it perform when put to the test?

So, what does this mean in practical terms? A collision involving a Cybertruck and a Toyota Corolla recently occurred near Palo Alto, California. According to the police report, a 17-year-old Toyota driver was to blame—drivers can acquire their licenses from age 16 in California.

For reasons yet unknown, the Toyota driver veered off the road and hit an earth mound. Returning to the road, he invaded the opposite lane and collided head-on with the Tesla. The Verge reports that, as a result, the Cybertruck driver sustained minor injuries but declined hospital treatment.

The Tesla's airbags were deployed, but visibly, the Toyota suffered more extensive damage. However, what's crucial is that no one was seriously injured. The incident thus marks the first Cybertruck collision, although it was not the fault of the Tesla driver or the autonomous driving systems.

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