AutosTesla Cybertruck in mass production? New shots seem to confirm this

Tesla Cybertruck in mass production? New shots seem to confirm this

New version of Tesla Cybertruck
New version of Tesla Cybertruck
Images source: © YouTube | Joe Tegtmeyer

10:31 AM EDT, September 28, 2023, updated: 9:18 AM EDT, October 5, 2023

The saga with the Tesla Cybertruck as the main character is finally heading towards the end. The latest video from the American manufacturer's factory in Texas shows that the proper stage of production has probably already started.

The Cybertruck was first shown in 2019 and almost immediately it created a huge stir, as well as a fair amount of controversy - mainly due to its exceptionally angular appearance. Then, however, months and then years passed, and the most important information about the Cybertruck were new promises and successive postponements of the premiere date.

In recent months, things have picked up a bit of pace. There have been shots from aerodynamic tests, Elon Musk bragged about winter tests, and lucky ones could see the transport of Cybertrucks live. They also boasted about the production of the first serial model of this model. Everything now indicates that production has just accelerated.

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Joe Tegtmeyer went to the vicinity of the gigafactory in Texas with a drone and managed to spot a new Cybertruck there, from which the cover was removed. According to the information he obtained, this is to be a Series 8 specimen, while the model from the famous photo showing the first produced Cybertruck came from Series 6.

According to leaks, Series 8 is to be the last trial series, which in turn will be sent to Tesla showrooms and used as models for exhibitions and test drives. The production of Series 9, the proper Cybertrucks, is set to begin in a matter of days. These will finally be delivered to people who have already reserved the cars.

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