NewsTerrorists join forces? Worrisome meeting

Terrorists join forces? Worrisome meeting

Terrorists join forces? Worrisome meeting
Images source: © GETTY | Anadolu Agency
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5:37 PM EDT, October 25, 2023

Palestinian terrorist organizations - Hamas and Islamic Jihad - are seeking allies in the fight against Israel. On Wednesday, Beirut's al-Manar TV reported that the leaders of these organizations met with the head of the pro-Iranian Hezbollah group operating in Lebanon.

According to reports, the aim of the talks with Sajed Hasan Nasrallah was to "assess further steps to achieve a real victory of the resistance movement" in the Gaza Strip.

The leaders of the most important regional terrorist organizations have also made an "assessment of the positions taken on the international arena".

It is not known where and when exactly the meeting took place.

Hamas attack on Israel. Tel Aviv prepares revenge

In the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7th, 1500 citizens of this country were brutally killed. Within a few days, Israel mobilized invading forces. An army of 300,000 tanks and armored vehicles awaits the order to deal with the terrorists.

Israeli media reports indicate that the offensive is being delayed because talks are underway regarding the release of hostages captured by Hamas.

So far, the terrorists have released four women (two on Friday and two on Monday). Hamas is holding 220 hostages.

- There are tactical, operational, and strategic considerations which have given us more time and forces that have more time prepare better, and that's exactly what they're doing right now - said the Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces Gen. Herzi Halevi, in response to questions about the delay of the ground offensive.

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