NewsTerrorist attack at Moscow's Crocus City Hall claims over 60 lives

Terrorist attack at Moscow's Crocus City Hall claims over 60 lives

Russians are deploying special forces to the site of the attack in Moscow.
Russians are deploying special forces to the site of the attack in Moscow.
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5:34 AM EDT, March 23, 2024

The eyes of the world are turned towards Crocus City Hall in Moscow after a terrorist attack occurred there. Reports vary, with some suggesting the attackers may still be inside the building while others believe they have escaped. There have been at least 62 fatalities and over 140 injuries. Authorities are deploying special forces to manage the situation. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for this heinous act.

The SOTA service has reported that Russian special forces are now storming the building, though it remains unclear if the attackers are still present. Videos on social media show armed officers in bulletproof vests preparing for the operation.

As a precaution, authorities in Moscow have cancelled all large-scale events scheduled for this weekend in the city. According to the Nexta portal, fans at a concert by rapper Dani Kashin were evacuated for their safety.

In response to the Moscow authorities' actions, leaders in other regions have also initiated precautions. Evacuations have been carried out in centers across Petersburg, and security has been reinforced at airports and train stations. Additional police and National Guard units are being deployed to ensure the capital's safety.

Meanwhile, according to Baza service reports, four suspects have managed to flee the scene. These claims are yet to be verified. It's theorized they might have changed attire to blend with the crowds leaving the hall. There are also unconfirmed reports suggesting that the attackers might still be inside Crocus City Hall.

At this point, all possibilities are being considered as the operation continues, with additional commando units focusing on securing the vicinity, evacuating civilians, and verifying the absence of any further threats. A white van with Ukrainian license plates was found near the site, and purported images of the attackers have been circulating in the media.

Speculation suggests the perpetrators could be from one of the Caucasian republics, particularly Ingushetia, though this has not been officially confirmed. Neither are reports that they are actively engaging with the special forces. Currently, Crocus City Hall is ablaze, with civilians reportedly still inside. The operation is ongoing and is not expected to conclude swiftly.

The casualty toll is anticipated to rise, as rescue efforts for all affected have not yet concluded.

Warning of the attack was issued two weeks prior

Independent Russian media highlighted that the American embassy in Russia had issued a warning about a potential terrorist attack two weeks ago. It specified that the attack could occur during mass gatherings, including concerts.

Despite the warnings, Vladimir Putin dismissed them as "blackmail and an attempt to intimidate and destabilize" Russian society.

Ukrainian intelligence, as reported by the Polish Press Agency, has suggested that the attack on the concert hall "is a deliberate provocation by Putin's regime, a possibility for which the international community had previously warned."

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