NewsTerror Strikes Moscow Suburb Concert Hall: Scores Dead, Injuries Mount

Terror Strikes Moscow Suburb Concert Hall: Scores Dead, Injuries Mount

Assassination attempt near Moscow. FSB Director: retaliatory measures will be taken.
Assassination attempt near Moscow. FSB Director: retaliatory measures will be taken.
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11:26 AM EDT, March 26, 2024
Terrorist Attack at Concert Hall in Krasnogorsk, Moscow Suburb

Terrorists targeted a concert hall in Krasnogorsk, a suburb of Moscow, causing a devastating loss of life and injuries. Alexander Bortnikov, the Director of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), has addressed the incident amidst a backdrop of scepticism towards Russian state media and official communications, which may be influenced by an ongoing information war engaged by the Russian Federation.

On Tuesday, Bortnikov provided updated information about the attack. He warned that "The terrorist threat in Russia remains active," attributing potential motives to Western security agencies and Ukraine, aiming to destabilize Russia's security landscape. Bortnikov cited a communication from the United States that had previously warned of potential terrorist activities in Russia, which was taken into account by Moscow. He further stated that the mastermind behind the attack is yet to be identified but assured that retaliatory measures are being considered.

Further escalating tensions, Bortnikov hinted at possible military actions against Kyrylo Budanov, the Head of Ukraine's Main Intelligence Directorate, labelling him as a potential target and terming the Security Service of Ukraine as a terrorist entity.

Details of the Attack

The attack on the concert hall unfolded on Friday, leaving a trail of destruction. Armed assailants opened fire on attendees, ignited explosive devices, and caused a significant fire that led to the collapse of the venue's roof. Official figures from the Russian government report a tragic death toll of at least 139 people, with more than 180 injured. However, unverified reports from Russian media suggest the number of victims could exceed 360.
Responsibility for the attack has been claimed by the Islamic State Khorasan Province, an Afghan branch of ISIS. Russian authorities have apprehended four individuals, confirmed as non-Russian citizens, along with several associates linked to the attack. A Moscow court has ordered their detention until May 22, pending a trial.
In the aftermath, recovery efforts highlighted the extent of the tragedy. Independent Russian Telegram channel Mozhem Objasnit' reported, "In the devastated structure, likely dozens of bodies have been discovered under the rubble. Identifying them days after the incident poses a significant challenge. Rescue teams are scarcely finding remains, mostly just teeth. It's feared that at places where the fire was most intense, no remains may have been preserved."
Source: X/NEXTA/PAP/Telegram
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