TechTerror from the deep: Creepy fish with bulging eyes found in Singapore

Terror from the deep: Creepy fish with bulging eyes found in Singapore

Fish found in Singapore
Fish found in Singapore
Images source: © Instagram | @untamed_paths

8:18 AM EDT, June 11, 2024

The Untamed Paths profile shared on Instagram a picture of a strange-looking fish that commenters immediately called terrifying. It has bulging eyes and poisonous spines, which should not be touched.

The ocean depths often wash various creatures onto beaches. Sometimes, walkers along the shores encounter truly frightening creatures. Examples do not need to be sought in the distant past; in May of this year, a black anglerfish with a large mouth full of needle-sharp teeth appeared on a beach in Oregon (USA).

A little earlier, the sea washed up a so-called doomsday fish in the Philippines, which locals believed was a harbinger of an impending catastrophe. To the list of terrifying discoveries on beaches worldwide, we can add the finding in Singapore, where a terrifying creature suddenly emerged from the sand with bulging eyes. It is Ichthyscopus lebeck, a fish that is better left untouched.

A terrifying fish emerged from the sand

The fish visible in the recording from Singapore is Ichthyscopus lebeck. This fish belongs to the family Uranoscopidae (comprising eight genera and 50 species) and typically inhabits the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Representatives of this species are characterized by a unique build, with the most attention-grabbing feature being the large, disproportionate head relative to the rest of the body.

Its bulging, motionless eyes are constantly directed upwards, as is its mouth, which is additionally twisted in a way that can resemble a grimace or dissatisfaction. Moreover, Ichthyscopus lebeck has specific nostrils arranged obliquely between its eyes. The fish's underside is yellow, while the top is brown with irregular white spots.

The WildSingapore portal notes that Ichthyscopus lebeck is a fish that should not be touched or kicked under any circumstances. This is due to its spines, which produce toxins. Additionally, this creature can be burying itself in the sand while watching for potential prey or threats.

Another specimen of the fish Ichthyscopus lebeck
Another specimen of the fish Ichthyscopus lebeck© | Loh Kok Shenga

The standard "menu" of Ichthyscopus lebeck includes various kinds of fish, octopuses, and squids. Some species have "threads" protruding from their mouth openings, which the creature uses to lure victims.

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