EntertainmentTensions in Brazil's team? An unfortunate photo of players raises questions

Tensions in Brazil's team? An unfortunate photo of players raises questions

Brazilian national team footballers at the November training camp
Brazilian national team footballers at the November training camp
Images source: © Reddit | Gunners
7:22 PM EST, November 18, 2023

Off the back of a series of losses, a recent photo from the Brazil national team camp may hint at internal strife within the squad. The photo, taken on the occasion of a player's birthday, appears to show conflict among the team, predating the celebrations.

The Brazilian team came together this week to tactically mark the birthday of Bruno Guimaraes, born on November 16, 1997. During a group meal, a chef presented a chocolate cake adorned with three candles for the celebrated player.

The photo indicates that some team members chose to enliven the event with a song. Meanwhile, birthday boy Bruno Guimaraes was all set to blow out the candles, following the global tradition of making a wish for the upcoming year.

Gabriel Magalhaes and Gabriel Martinelli, who appeared less than thrilled, were also captured in the photo. They seemed markedly unenthusiastic, sparking questions on whether they were not keen on celebrating alongside Bruno Guimaraes. Alternatively, the photo could simply be a stroke of bad timing.

English fans are convinced that this was more than just a moment of insensitivity. As players for Arsenal, Gabriel Magalhaes and Gabriel Martinelli may harbor resentments towards Bruno Guimaraes due to a recent altercation during a match against Newcastle United in the English league.

In the said match, Bruno Guimaraes was seen elbowing Arsenal's Jorginho. "How could they have made Gabi sit across from Bruno? His soul is still hurting, he is still angry." - suggested a social media user, commenting on the photo.

A positive turnaround is desperately needed amidst the brewing tension in the Brazil dressing room. With no victories under their belt in the last three matches, the team has only managed a stalemate with Venezuela, besides losses against Uruguay and Colombia. Currently participating in the World Cup qualifiers, Canarinhos are also gearing up for the Copa America.

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