NewsTension is rising. It's about the USA and Iran

Tension is rising. It's about the USA and Iran

Tension is rising. USA threatens Iran.
Tension is rising. USA threatens Iran.
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1:36 PM EDT, October 25, 2023

The situation in the Middle East is escalating. During a Security Council meeting of the UN on Tuesday, the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned Iran that if its military forces or groups associated with Tehran attack American soldiers, then "we will defend our security quickly and decisively".

- The United States is not seeking conflict with Iran. We don't want this war to spread. But if Iran or its supporters attack American personnel anywhere, let there be no illusions: we will defend our people. We will defend our security quickly and decisively - Blinken reassured during the Security Council debate on the situation in the Middle East.

This statement was a response to a series of attacks that have taken place over the past few days, which were carried out by militias linked to Iran on US armed forces stationed in Iraq and Syria. Blinken appealed to other countries to take action aimed at deterring the Iranian regime from further escalating the conflict and threatened Iran with consequences if it decides to take such a step.

- Act as if the safety and stability of the entire region and beyond depended on it, because that is exactly the case - said the head of US diplomacy.

Blinken on the conflict of Israel with Hamas

Antony Blinken also commented on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas. He stated that no country could tolerate "such a slaughter of its citizens," like the one that took place on October 7, and would have a responsibility to respond to such actions.

However, he stipulated that Israel's response must be in accordance with the law and the protection of civilians in Gaza is necessary. He also added that it is necessary to consider breaks in the fighting to allow for the evacuation of civilians and the delivery of humanitarian aid.

Similar appeals were previously directed by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, and also by the foreign ministers of Jordan and Egypt. However, on the Security Council forum, the suggestion of a "humanitarian truce" seemed to be rejected by Israel's foreign minister Eli Cohen.

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